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Taking a lead from our 70s Violin Bass models the Ignition Violin Bass guitars from Hofner let you get your hands on one of the world’s iconic guitars. In contrast to the HCT model this version has a fully hollow body and of course comes with the famous Hofner to control panel, wooden bridge and Hofner style tailpiece. Hofner Ignitions Violin bass comes at the perfect price point for players requiring the classic Hofner sound on a budget. Or just call us now Brand New. Thank you for contacting us; we will get back to you with the price shortly. We’ll notify you as soon as they are back in-stock. Bundles That Include This Item. Trending Now!

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JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. This is a short history of this famous bass so we cannot describe every change and modification that was made to it over the many years it has been in production. Nor is it possible to discuss all of the many people and companies who have contributed to its passage through history. It seems that Walter’s intention was to produce a bass guitar that would be appealing to players of the upright bass double bass who no longer wanted to carry such a big heavy instrument around to play in beat and jazz groups.

So we got a bass that has the style and shape not unlike a classical stringed instrument and built in much the same way, hollow bodied, arched topped and a set in neck. He had used all of these on his Club guitars the year before.

Taking a lead from our 70s Violin Bass models the Ignition Violin Bass guitars from Hofner let you get your hands on one of the world’s iconic guitars. In contrast​.

Search this site. Vintage, in wine-making, is the process of picking grapes and creating the finished product. A vintage wine is one made from grapes that were all, or primarily, grown and harvested in a single specified year. KG is a German manufacturer of musical instruments, with one division that manufactures guitars and basses, and another that manufactures other string instruments. A set of books, maps, periodicals, or other documents published in a common format or under a common title.

A number of things, events, or people of a similar kind or related nature coming one after another. A stringed musical instrument of treble pitch, played with a horsehair bow. The classical European violin was developed in the 16th century. It has four strings and a body of characteristic rounded shape, narrowed at the middle and with two f-shaped sound holes. Violin was the first album released by violinst Vanessa-Mae.

It was recorded in October , near her 12th birthday, and released shortly afterwards in March

Hofner Violin Bass CT Sunburst

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Also covers: dating a violin bass, serial numbers, body dates, pickup information and much more. A must have book for all collectors pages!

The back and sides were made of laminated flamed maple with a solid spruce top. Later the top was changed to laminated spruce. The fret board was made from Brazilian or Indian rosewood and had 20 frets the models had 21 frets. The finish consisted of nitro-cellulose lacquer. Early Hofner basses used strip style tuners however later models used individual tuning machines. Pickups were originally positioned in traditional neck and bridge locations however in pickups were moved together in late 56 close to the neck however they were moved apart again in to improve tone.

Dating Vintage Hofner basses is always tricky as transitions were often gradual and older parts can appear on newer models depending on parts supplies and other factors. Here are a few general rules of thumb that can be used as general guidelines but there are always exceptions to these guidelines. The headstock featured a new vertical Hofner logo that replaced the diamonds on the headstock see photo below.

Help identifying and pricing a Hofner Violin bass

Custom Search. Dating vintage hofner. What is the most popular dating site in australia. As stated in Part 4, there are numerous guitars about containing serial numbers that predate those prior to which are still available in Hofner’s own records. Dating a 20 year old at Dating Vintage Hofner basses is always tricky as transitions were often gradual and older parts can appear on newer models depending on parts supplies and

Höfner – The Complete Violin Bass Story also covers information on how to date a violin bass, serial numbers, body dates, pickup information.

The 60th Anniversary bass, finished in stunning black and white, has a number of key features and unique points. This album celebrates its 50th anniversary since release and accordingly the artwork for the bass is in the same unique style. Each bass comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which has been personally signed by Klaus Voormann. The headstock of the bass has the original design, not used before on any re-issue instruments. All hardware on the bass is in black.

The original style oval control panel has been used and specially produced in white and black. Of the 60 there are 6 available as left handed. These are particularly desirable as they contain an extra graphic on the top design. No Ignition or Contemporary versions or copies will be made. For more information: Hofner. Guitars Bass Amps Pedals Players.

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Our privacy policy has recently been updated. By clicking Accept or “X” , you hereby accept and agree to the updated privacy policy. This item is temporarily out of stock in the Hal Leonard warehouse, but may be available from your favorite local music store or online retailer. Its fame was assured when a certain young English guitarist walked into a shop in Hamburg in , saw exactly what he was looking for, and ordered a left-handed version.

The rest, as they say, is history.

DATING HÖFNER GUITARS BY REFERENCE OF SERIAL NUMBERS In addition to violins, double basses and cellos, they also started producing guitars in.

Loyalty Points. What are points worth? Points are worth a 1p discount for every point you redeem. How many points will I earn when I shop? We display the number of points available for a product on the product’s page on our website. Normally we’ll give you one point for every pound you spend, but watch out for double and triple points deals for even more savings! Taking a lead from our 70s Violin Bass models the Ignition Violin Bass guitars from Hofner let you get your hands on one of the world’s iconic guitars.

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They were not even included in the main Hofner European price list until The simpler version of the i , named the , was produced around Apparently it had a red finish and less body binding than the i. The twin pickup Hofner model introduced in had more than a passing resemblance to the Fe The Hofner Model was that bass, and it appeared the year after the in

The Höfner /1 Violin Bass is a model of electric bass manufactured by Höfner under several varieties. It was introduced in and gained celebrity status.

Activate social media for sharing. Data will only be sent via social networks with your consent. The body is joined by a 30″ short-scale Maple neck that is topped with a fret Rosewood fingerboard with white dot inlays. The body of the Hofner Violin Bass Ignition is fitted with a pair of Hofner Ignition Staple pickups, a variant on the original models that are more than capable of reproducing the signature Violin Bass sound. This setup allows for the classic Violin Bass tone to be easily dialled in, while also being versatile enough to produce a range of more modern tones.

It is Hofner Ignition Beatles Bass. The name says everything. It is fun and pleasure to play it. Short scale neck makes playing easier.